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The Pool Leak Location & Repair Experts

Water bill draining your bank account? You might have a leak fix it through us and let the savings SPLASH back in!

Here's how we do it...

Find Leaks
We Find Your Leaks

With expert technicians and the industry’s leading technology, we pride ourselves on the ability to identify and isolate all of your swimming pool’s leaks

Repair Options
We Give You Repair Options

Simply finding your leaks won’t solve the problem! We take the time to clearly explain your repair options and associated processes, benefits and costs

Fix Leaks
We Fix Your Leak

With pride, professionalism and expertise, we will execute your repairs in a timely manner

Follow Up
We Follow Up With You

We understand that communication & care are just as important as the timeliness & quality of the work! Our goal is simple: 100% customer satisfaction, every time

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Warning signs of a leak

Be aware of some of these indicators that your pool may be leaking. Catching a leak saves more then water, it reduces the need for costly repairs.

Loosing Water
Losing Water

Your pool, fountain, or spa loses more than 1/4 an inch of water a day.

Decking Cracks
Decking Cracks

There are cracks in or around the pool decking.

Adding Water
Adding Water

You need to add water more than once a week.

The Bucket Test
The Bucket Test

The bucket test indicates there is a leak.

Soggy Grass
Soggy Grass

Grass around the area is soggy.

Pool Deck Shifting
Pool Deck Shifting

Your pool deck is lifting or sinking.

High Water Bills
High Water Bills

Automatic fill devices could hide leaks by keeping the pool filled.

Algae Growth
Algae Growth

Continually adding untreated water to a leaking pool often leads to algae growth or discoloration

Splash Truck

What are you waiting for?

Unicorns aren't real. You can't fly. Pool leaks don't fix themselves. And pretending you don't have a problem isn't going to make it go away.

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